107076, Russia, Moscow

Electrozavodskaya Street, 33/ 4


Quality control of construction and industrial equipment installation in compliance with design documentation, requirements of town planning code and technical regulations (performance requirements, specifications), Contractor Agreement, Customer Assignment including:


  • Control of construction and installation work performance in compliance with Contractor Agreement terms;
  • Control of quality of used construction materials;
  • Control of timely elimination of drawbacks and defects revealed during work acceptance;
  • Control of safety rules observance during construction work performed by General Contractor (for third persons and environment), control of labor safety requirements observance;
  • Determination of compliance of employed construction and installation work technologies to the Russian Federation standards;
  • Provision and control of work execution documentation keeping;
  • Control of revealed drawbacks elimination, making up revealed drawbacks elimination reports;
  • Receipt control of design documentation presented by developer (customer);
  • Making up certificate of geodetic layout basis for capital construction object;
  • Receipt control of employed construction materials, products, designs and equipment;
  • Operation control during fulfillment and upon accomplishment of construction and installation operations;
  • Making up certificate of fulfilled work results which become inaccessible for control after subsequent work start;
  • Making up certificate of main construction frameworks and engineering facilities as specified in design documentation.


On Customer behalf performance of interaction with governmental authorities and municipal bodies including supervision and control bodies dealing with work on the object, namely:


  • Obtaining construction permission;
  • Notification of construction supervision governmental bodies on dates of stage-by-stage checks and completion of construction and installation work;
  • Control of fulfillment of prescriptions assigned by construction supervision governmental bodies;
  • Notification of construction supervision governmental bodies on each case of emergency situation emergence.


Organization of work acceptance and object commissioning including acceptance of fulfilled work as per accomplished stages, acceptance of parallel work, final acceptance which includes making up reports in compliance with prescribed norms, receipt by Customer proxy the conclusion of the construction supervision state Inspection on compliance of constructed, reconstructed, repaired object of capital construction to  technical regulations requirements (performance requirements) and other normative legal instruments and design documents, receipt by Customer proxy the permission for object commissioning.


107076, Russia, Moscow
Electrozavodskaya Street, 33/ 4