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Industrial Internet and prognosis will prevent accidents in energy industry


Large-scale digitalization is a priority in the post-crisis economic policy of Russia. How to speed up introduction of digital technologies into industry branches?  By stimulation?  Or just do not step in – and everything will be introduced by itself? The answer to this question was given in the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin on […]

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The highest ornamental power line pylons are going to be erected in Kalingrad


A novel engineering project – anchorwise pylons are going to become a part of the power line which is built within the framework of the “road map” approved by the RF Government and aimed to provide for energy safety of the region. The power line will connect the existing “Severnaya” 330-kV and new “Pregolskaya” thermal […]

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Russia has become a world leader on gas reserves


According to last hot-shots Russia firmly continues to have a world lead among the countries possessing greatest gas reserves. Russia’s first rate is due to the volume of national gas reserves of 48,7  trillion cubic meters. Iranian gas reserves amounting to 33,6  trillion cubic meters come second after Russia. Qatar occupies the third place in […]

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Minenergo of the Russian Federation has disclosed the cause of accidents in the Russian power industry


  According to Deputy Power Minister Andrei Cherezov’s information, at present, big accidents on power systems of Russia have decreased. Yet, the emergency situations have occurred on a wider scope. 2017 alone has witnessed five accidents leading to disintegration of power systems and cease of power supply to consumers on a mass scale.

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Alexander Novak and “MAGATE” General Director Yukia Amano have discussed fruitful cooperation prospects


According to reports from the Power Ministry of Russia, upon completion of the ministers’ meeting session of Vienna Agreement participants on September 22, 2017 Alexander Novak has held a working meeting with Yukia Amano, the General Director of the International Agency on Atomic Energy (MAGATE). Novak has congratulated the MAGATE head on his reelection for […]

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Russian scientists have created material for heavy-duty electric supply networks


The scientists from the Siberia Federal University and Federal Research Center of Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of  the Russian Academy of Sciences have synthesized copper oxide nanoparticles which may become a basis for supercondunducting materials in room temperature conditions. The article devoted to investigation of magnetic properties of such particles is published in September issue of […]

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Minenergo offers to forbid incandescent lamps exceeding 50 watt consumption


Minenergo will look into a question on forbidding incandescent lamps exceeding 50 watt consumption, Power Deputy Minister Anton Iniutsin reported to press correspondents. “The law provides for such restrictions, therefore, we shall consider this question and approach the government with a proposal to forbid ulterior use of such lamps.

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Russia has reduced oil production


According to mass media information Russian companies have reduced the volumes of “black gold” recovery in national oil fields in August this year. Within the framework of the agreement on oil quota introduction concluded by the OPEC community the Russian side has reduced the volumes of daily crude oil recovery by 344,9  thousand barrels as […]

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Power Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak has invited Turkish representatives to the Russian Energy Week REW-2017


During 86th Izmir International Fair Alexander Novak has invited representatives of the Turkish governmental authorities, science and business community to take part in the International Energy-Savings and Energy Development Forum “Russian Energy Week” which will be held in the Central Exhibition Place “Manezh”  in October 3-7, 2017.  

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The Crimea: How to end the energy deadlock


From the moment of the Crimea – Russia reunion, the issue of power supply on the Crimea Peninsula remains one of the most crucial problems. The problem has arisen when the Ukraine ceased power supply to the Russian region. It cannot be said that the problem has arisen all at once: according to the rhetoric […]

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Minenergo authorities have decided to revise the plans on gas production in the Far East region


  The RF Power Ministry authorities have decided to revise the plans on gas production in the Far East region. According to the decision the gas volume of 51,3 billion cubic meters  planned for 2020 is to be decreased to 43,7 billion cubic meters. According to “Izvestia” information the renewed version of the governmental program […]

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Tesla и Deepwater Wind will build the world largest windmill-electric generating plant


 Electrical energy industry. Ecology world.  The Deepwater Wind Company in the course of the Revolution Wind project realization has concluded a contract with Tesla for electric storage batteries supply for the world largest marine windmill-electric generating plant. As noted, the windmill park will start functioning near Martas-Viniard coast (the Massachusetts state) in 2023. The project […]

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World oil prices increase


Today, as noted in tenders’ information, the WTI brand oil has exceeded the psychological mark of 50 USD per barrel for the first time since May 30. The October futures cost for the North Sea Brent oil as of 7:06 (MCK) has increased to 52,41 USD per barrel which constitutes the 0,36% rise.

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General contract agreement has been concluded for reconstruction of Eisk maritime terminal


General contract agreement has been concluded for reconstruction of Eisk maritime terminal and in pursuance of the agreement piling and erection of monolithic foundation structures have been started for noria and paternoster columns. “OAO Eisk Maritime Port” is one of the leading stevedore companies in the Azov-Black Sea basin which has the service structure corresponding […]

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A contract has been concluded for laying a cross-linked polyethylene cable


A contract has been concluded for laying cross-linked polyethylene cable for 30-hectare greenhouse complex “Agriculture Group” for all-the-year-round production of green vegetables in closed soil at address: Moscow region, Kashira district

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107076, Russia, Moscow
Electrozavodskaya Street, 33/ 4